B.2 Post-development

Exploring existing visions from the Global South and alternatives to development cooperation

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In this course we aim to critically reconsider the ideas and practices of the Western-Northern dominated notion of ‘development’ and ‘development cooperation’. Letting ourselves be inspired with worldwide (post-development) visions – Buen Vivir, EcoSwaraj, Solidary Economy, et al. – we (as all of the course participants) bring in our individual notions of a good life for all to develop strategies on how to cultivate global alliances. In a second step we want to work out a concrete and practically-oriented post-development vision around the following questions: What do we demand from privileged people or societies? What do we demand from decision / policy makers in the Global North? What do we as individuals want to pay attention to when we are engaged in policies of 'development', social movements and in civil society? How can movements and activists from the Global South and North be in contact, communicate and support each other on eye level? We also want to work out and publish a Policy Paper.

Time schedule and main methods:

The course proceeds in four steps: First, we dive into existing alternatives to growth-oriented development & prosperity: our own and visions from the Global South. Subsequently, we are concerned with the critique of Northern/Western development politics and the ideas of Post-Development. Exploring our personal visions & strategies to alternatives to development cooperation makes fun as a third step. Finally, we may compare our strategies with demands from the Global South and work out a Policy Paper and/or perform a forum theater.
Methodologically, the course is designed as a highly interactive meeting around sharing stories and visioning processes. In small groups or in a big circle, alone or with a partner we want to practice empathy, active listening, dreaming, visioning, building hope and courage. Theoretical input will be depending on the participants’ desire: If need arises, the course facilitators can give input about alternative visions to development. Otherwise we give space to our feelings, listening, visioning and discussing while sharing our views of post-development pathways, well-being, privileges, global solidarity or other topics that need attention.
Further potential methods: Discussion circles; Inner circle outer circle; A tree of happiness; Story-telling; Feeling inside ourselves & with others; Role playing / Checking privileges; Dream journey / Future Workshop; Creative writing, sketching, drawing; A letter to myself, a politician or someone else.

Target group/Prerequisites:

We warmly invite people from the Global South to join the course so that we can talk with! each other, not about each other.

Generally, we welcome any participant, no particular knowledge is required.


Day: 2018-07-30
Start time: 15:00
Duration: 02:30
Room: Zelt/tent 12 (Kurse/courses)
Track: Kurse/Courses
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