A.9 Degrowing Europe

Fostering justice in South-North relations?

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Questioning growth seems easy. Many of us may have a certain bad feeling about the need to grow in every aspect of society. However, the question arises how societies in the Global North may cope
with their past and contemporary high consumption/production patterns. What kind of social and economic arrangements might enable societies in the Global North to tackle their responsibilities in South-North relations? And what would that mean for individuals but also for the degrowth movement in Central and Western Europe? That`s where we dig up. It’s to comprehend a postcolonial perspective on Europe, on hegemonic ideas of “development” and “modernity” as aspects of the growth paradigm. It’s to ask ourselves whether and in what ways we are shaped by what is called the growth paradigm. Based on these reflections we will shed light on multiple forms of resistance against hegemonic ideas of development and growth in the world. Obviously, we will not finish the course without having elaborated possible activities – for us within and beyond the movement. What does it mean to us to take a stand for global justice?

Time schedule and main methods:

Methods and schedule certainly depend on the participants‘ needs. The first central method will be to reconstruct a timeline to understand historical and contemporary South-North-relations. Broadening the scope, the question “How we want to live in the future” then will be connected with questions of justice.We will use a gallery that depicts various contemporary forms of resistance against land grabbing, big infrastructural projects and other aspects of the growth paradigm – in particular from the Global South. In a next step we can see how to travel those ideas to our own contexts. This includes to have a look at current critiques on degrowth and the degrowth movement in Germany/Europe. Analysing our very personal contexts with Social Justice approaches, we will shed light on our own social resources. In a next step we will explore possible steps to action for us personally and for the movement. These ideas will be concretised by using coaching methods.

Target group/Prerequisites:

May everybody feel warmly invited to join. The diversity of knowledges, experiences and perspectives is essential for the quality of the course.


Day: 2018-07-30
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 02:30
Room: Zelt/tent 19 (Kurse/courses)
Track: Kurse/Courses
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