A.5 Good flight for all?

Utopias for a socially and ecologically sustainable global mobility

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Our course will focus on the following questions: How does the capitalist system depend on international mobility and air traffic? Which inequalities come with that system? We want to take a look at a number of already existing solution strategies as well as utopias: Can more efficient technologies or CO2-compensation make up for the negative effects of flying? How can we decrease the amount of global transportation of goods and passengers and make it more climate-friendly? Which political means exist to organize the change towards a sustainable global mobility?

Time schedule and main methods:

First day: Approaching the problem - We start by taking a look at the current situation concerning global mobility. We take into account elements of the problem both at a personal level and related to society as a whole.

Second day: Existing solution strategies - We deal with existing strategies such as Green Flying and Climate Compensation in a critical way and focus on opportunities and limits that go with these instrumens.

Third day: Utopias at a political and economic level - We develop ideas about how the political and the economic sphere can be organised in order to make global mobility more socially and ecologically sustainable. Here, we discuss different strategies including a flying ban within Germany and have a look at the inner-european train system.

Fourth day: Utopias on a personal and social level - To conclude, we ask ourselves how our individual mobility can go together with a good life for all. We try to break with the need and pressure of social acceleration that is firmly established in our heads as well as in social structures and institutions. Besides, we start thinking of alternative concepts of individual mobility and well-being and develop utopias to put these into action.

We use different interactive methods such as the World-Café, working in small groups, different forms of discussions and activities of motion. The teamers take care of moderation and give impulses.

Target group/Prerequisites:

We are looking forward to a diverse group of participants. The only requirement for taking part in the workshop is to be open for a critical debate on the topic. No previous experience needed.


Day: 2018-07-30
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 02:30
Room: Zelt/tent 15 (Kurse/courses)
Track: Kurse/Courses
Languages en

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